Friday, June 3, 2011

Paranoia Two

The hyper awareness of criminals in the world continues to be present in our daily lives.
Exhibit A) This week I received lectures on three separate evenings (that I was home alone with the kids) for not having turned on the porch light immediately following sun down. I was reminded yet again that the bad guys "like dark places."

Exhibit B) The past few days CA Cop has entered a room and I literally jumped and screamed. I think I get used to it just being me and the kids home, and so it throws me for a loop to have a man wandering from room to room.

Exhibit C) I ran into the bank today to get some quick cash for an event we were taking the kids to.  As I walked out of the bank and entered the car I handed CA Cop the cash.  My "interesting" story I began to tell him was interrupted by him informing me that walking out of the bank with the cash on display in my hand was not a good idea. I was just asking for trouble. I know....I get it. Not something I typically do.

And Exhibit D) When discussing my plans to visit a good friend in San Francisco a few weekends ago I brought up the topic of transportation.

"Perhaps I will just take BART to the city?"

"No way.  Its not a good idea for you to be taking BART, especially at night."

I give up.... our life is changed. Mostly for the better. But still, its change and change takes some adjusting.


  1. It sounds like CA cop and 5ohHubby are the same person! haha

  2. Stopped in after you found my blog. Love your stories. Great blog. Thanks for checking mine out and I am a happy follower of yours.

  3. Eh, relax, seeing all this junk happen in the World is new for him too, and its bothering him. Also, new cops are always a bit badge heavy, and like to show their authoritye. So he'll get over it in a couple years.