Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In A Flash

CA Cop had the suspect back at the station.

He was preparing her for a trip down to county after she had been taking a joy ride around Baytown in a stolen vehicle. The younger, slightly overweight, female was nervous about her trip although it would not be her first.

CA Cop was telling her what type of repercussions would arise if she had any drugs still hidden on her person when she was delivered into the hands of the deputies.  He advised her to surrender any narcotics (if there were any) to Baytown PD prior to climbing into the backseat of his patrol car for the jaunt down to county.

"I ain't got nothin officer, I promise,"

And with that line she grabbed the bottom edges of her shirt and moved it up her body.  Her fingers also clasped the under wire of her enormous bra as her arms moved upward.  The large double D's came abounding out of the cups as they were met with the stale air inside the holding room of Baytown PD. 

"See officer, there ain't no drugs in my bra either."

"Yes ma'am, I see that."

Perk of the job? According to CA Cop there was nothing "perky" about it.


  1. ha, welcome to crazy life. I once had a girl tell me she did have something and she removed a broken meth. pipe from her V.

  2. 5ohHubby wasn't the one but one of his co-workers had a suspect remove some kind of small gun from her v

  3. Haha...Apparently a large trashy female ruined 'little blue numbers' for my officer!!!