Wednesday, June 29, 2011


CA Cop rubbed his eyes. Not even 1/3 of the way through his shift and he was starting to feel worn out. It was a busy night. A warm night. The summer air kept Baytown warm enough to wear short sleeves all night long.  He had been going from call to call and was finally taking a moment to chat with some of the guys back at the station.  He pulled his phone out of his front pocket and glanced down at the time. He excused himself from the conversation and made his way outside to his patrol car.  The moonlight reflected off the shine on his boots as he lifted his right foot and then his left into the car.  He adjusted in his seat to find the most comfortable position to sit with his full duty belt around his waist, gun on one side, taser on the other. He rolled up his windows, pressed his speed dial and made the call. 

Miles away, I was kneeling at the side of the bed she would be sleeping in for the night when I heard the phone ring.  Shasta was standing up in a port a crib protesting his captivity.  Sierra knew his ring and knew why he was calling, he promised her he would.

He spoke gently to me as we exchanged brief information about our activities since we had last spoken.  He offered to help soothe Shasta and then to speak to Sierra. 

She laid on her pillow and I strained my ears as I heard him sing to her a lullaby.  The lullaby he sings to her each night.  I could picture him in my mind as he sang, in his full uniform, badge over his heart, singing to his baby girl.  As she whispered to him and told him goodnight the smell of bubblegum toothpaste filled the room.  He softly expressed to her his love and wished her good dreams.

As I got back on the phone with him I heard the radio traffic in the background beckoning him to another call.  And we hung up.

I know that sometimes his duty to his job will keep us apart physically, but I am grateful that his duty to his family will always keep us close.


  1. Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing a wonderfully personal moment--we are all thankful for he job that he does and for the sacrifices that you as a family make.

  2. Awesome! He needs to go see Sept 30th. "Sherwoods" movies are getting better, each go around but I bet the husband would get more out of it.

  3. Thanks for the post!!! And that movie... my officer can hardly wait for it to come out. His friend saw it on special showing and said it was awesome! The casting crowns video was stunning!!!

  4. That was beautiful. I read it out loud to my cop (MotorCop), and couldn't help but choke up. Thank you for so eloquently saying what happens in our homes and hearts each day.