Thursday, June 16, 2011

Married To A Loser

I've often wondered if someone would intervene if they happened to be eavesdropping on a conversation or two that I have had with a family member.  I can picture being in line at the grocery store yapping away on my cell.  The older couple shaking their heads in my direction, the woman gazing in sadness and concern toward my little children as their mother chit chatted away on the phone about the various trists her husband had been involved in that week. 

So I keep "cop talk" confined to the walls of our home (or key strokes of my laptop), for the most part.

Seriously, what would you think if you heard one half of the below conversation at 2:00pm on a Thursday afternoon that went something like this:

CA Cop Mom: Hi how's it going?

Me: We're doing well, CA Cop is sleeping.  There was a bar fight or something last night so he didn't come home until morning.

CA Cop Mom: Well how was his work week.

Me: Not too much going on this week. Monday he got a DUI.  Tuesday I guess there was a car full of drunk strippers who were flirting with him, he ended up getting another DUI.  Wednesday he called me when he left the jail after they had gotten in a fight with a guy but CA Cop wasn't hurt or anything.

CA Cop Mom: Okay, well you guys are welcome to come over for dinner.

Me: Okay. Take Care!

Wow, I think I would offer "Me" a dose of woman power and tell her to leave that loser!


  1. That sounds WAY more interesting than than the cell phone conversations I overhear. I'd be too fascinated to intervene!

  2. yeah sometimes I forget and then look around to see those looks!LOL

  3. I try to keep that stuff "off line" too. I never know who is listening and it would be my luck that the person listening is the one my DH arrested!