Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, CA Cop

Bicycling is our new addiction. We are totally sold on the sport. Every spare hour we strap on our helmets load the kids in the trailer and take for the trails. I'm hooked.  I like to feel the sun as it transforms my arms into a golden brown, the wind as it muffles my sense of hearing and leaves me focused on my rhythmic breathing and increasing heart rate.  The smells as we pass by sprinklers slapping the edge of pavement or grass clippings blowing around a yard. My legs as the push the pedals and grow stronger with each rotation.

It is my new favorite thing to do.

And the bay area is a great place to ride. There are trails along mountains and hills, trails along beaches and lakes, trails through vineyards and farmland and redwoods, even biking trails over bridges and bays. I hope to have experienced a little bit of everything by the time the winter rains slow us down.

While out on our family rides or with just the two of us I have had the opportunity to watch "the transition" take place. I know very well that even when they are off duty an officer is still on high alert. Still scanning, planning, etc.  But I have gotten to experience CA Cop taking his "alertness" (if you will) up a threat level on some of these various outings.

If a, shall we say "thug" or "crackhead" comes within 20 feet of me or the baby trailer every thing about CA Cop's demeanor changes. His posture, his expression, his eyes (oh my do his eyes change). He is well aware of any potential "threats" long before I am and has already positioned himself accordingly or "ordered" me to a different direction, to speed up, to slow down, or to stop. It is fascinating, really. 

Most, of our outings do not give him cause to go into cop mode, but lets be real the bay area is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, religions, and unfortunately gangs and drugs.  It is what it is and yet it is our home.

As we ride I know that my husband is intently watching over our family and guiding us on our journeys, ready to rip open is shirt and transform into CA Cop at a moments notice........ (Okay, I know he's not a superhero[but your dang close, honey] but a girl can dream a little.)


  1. glad you all are enjoying the weather! finally, some sun! :)

  2. We have started to enjoy biking as a family as well. My question - does your husband carry his weapon on rides and how? My dh can't figure out how to make that work for him.

  3. He does not carry when we ride. He does have pepper spray attached to the frame (sometimes)and has talked about getting an expandable baton to keep on the bike.