Monday, January 17, 2011


"Really?"  There they were, our friends, their chins now resting comfortably on our solid oak table, mouths agape.  In my mind I used my serving spatula to lift their jaws back to their correct positions.

I watched the husband give the situation a second thought as a look of shock turned into careful contemplation. His eyes began to glaze over as he imagined wonderful things that might occur if he too, had his own room.

You see, they were over for dinner the other night. Sierra and Shasta playing happily with their children while we enjoyed good conversation and good food. The conversation had an awkward pause at one point in the evening. I asked CA Cop where his iPod was at and he casually replied, "Oh, its in my room," then laughed as he turned to our friends and proudly announced, "because I have my own room, now!"

I guess this seemed very odd to them. For us, it makes total sense and is actually working out very well. I blogged that we were toying with this idea due to his shift change, and we went for it. He gets great sleep, I get great sleep, and I still have access to my closet, clothes, hair products, etc. He "moves back in" on his days off.

When our babies were newborn we set up this same scenario. That way I could tend to the needs of a sleepless, hungry, in need of diaper changing infant without disturbing my man who had to get up early and provide said diapers, blankets, and food. 

CA Cop and I are very close. Getting good rest allows us to remain so!

And so we continue on this journey......

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  1. Isn't it shocking! Better Half and I get better rest since we sleep apart, so do my parents, and a few other couples I know. For most of us, it did start as a result of conflicting shifts, but it really works out well. Think snoring, light vs. deep sleeper, TV habits. Sometimes when it's cold I miss my "blast furnace," but with PFC pretty much moved out, we have plenty of "us" time. And we REALLY need our sleep.