Friday, January 14, 2011


My bedroom door opened. I was already awake. My body in tune to his schedule. He was different. Usually he does an immediate face plant onto the bed and allows slumber to overtake him instantly. After all, most people are getting their deepest, most restful sleep at that hour. Tonight, he sat upright in bed next to me. He flipped on the TV. Fidgeted around. He was wide awake.

"How was your shift?" My voice cracked. I rested my head on my hand as I forced my elbow to support the weight. He needed to talk, I could tell. Or at least to calm down.

"I was almost in a car accident. Almost- meaning inches from an accident. I don't know how I avoided it." His eyes seemed to tell the story. Large. Alert. I could tell now, what was different. Adrenaline was still pumping through his body. Although, I'm sure it had slowed down, it was still very much a factor.

On his weary way home. Flying down the freeway at probably a cool 80mph. Fighting the burn to keep his eyes open, music blasting to keep his brain from succumbing to the need for relief, air conditioner forcing the chilled wind to slap his cheeks. His hands gripped the wheel. He sat upright. And all the sudden there it was, in his lane. A black car that had just met the guard rail was now sitting stalled in the #1 lane with no lights or hazard lights to speak of.  A dazed driver stood outside the vehicle, in the middle of the freeway, starring at the scene. CA Cop swerved at the very last possible moment missing the vehicle and the driver by "inches", maintained control and pulled over to the shoulder.

I think he had some choice words for the guy. He directed him as to the correct way to handle the situation. Waited for CHP, then made his way home to his family.

Similar scenarios have happened on CA Cop's wee hours of the morning drives home from work. He will be first on the scene of an accident, witness to an accident, or narrowly avoid an accident.

I guess I'm just grateful for prayer and for faith. Two things I couldn't live without.......Sierra prays for her daddy's safety each night. I think the Big Man listens.

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