Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Phone Call

CA Cop showed up to work the other day for some overtime hours.  He was greeted by a sergeant and a commander. They pulled him aside. It was in reference to an individual he had arrested on the last day of his work week. The man had called the department with a few things he needed to say about CA Cop.

CA Cop knew exactly who this guy was.  A routine traffic stop had turned into arresting the guy on a felony warrant and bringing him down to county.  His face was still clear in CA Cop's mind. But what he distinctly remembered were the three sets of wide eyes that stared up at CA Cop as he asked their daddy to step out of the vehicle. The kids were real young. Real impressionable. Ideas about life still being formed and molded by their surroundings.  The wife began to softly weep as her husband heard the click of the cuffs locking around his wrists.

Now, fresh out on bail the man had immediately exercised his freedom of speech and contacted the department.

But this call was different.  He called to thank CA Cop for the way that he handled the situation, especially in front of his young family.  He felt that he was treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Commander and Sergeant told CA Cop "Job well done," and sent him on his way.

As a wife, I loved hearing this.  I know its a very simple thing.  But in a strange way I feel like it offered some internal peace. I'm happy to know that CA Cop still has both feet firmly on the ground.....still has a human touch........Keep it up. You make me proud.


  1. I love this story... congratulations.

  2. Your husband is a good officer. Any one who can turn an arrest in to a thank you is a "10."

  3. Man. If there were more cops ~ and more citizens ~ like that out in the world it sure would be a different place.

  4. This is awesome. Good job CA Cop!

  5. You've got a good man there. Congratulations to you both.