Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CA Cop Retells

"The suspect fled from the still running vehicle. I jumped out of my patrol car and my boots slammed against the pavement as I pushed my body to run faster and stronger. He turned a corner and I was determined not to let him evade me any longer. Despite the gear weighing me down, my speed picked up as I rounded the same corner. A brick building. That's when it happened. He had a black pistol aimed right at my chest.  I instinctively reached for my gun. My training took over as I pulled it from the holster.  Survival set in. He fired. Twice. I felt the bullets approach my vest. Right in the middle of my chest. Then I heard the sounds from the gun that fired them. And the sounds, the deafening noise, woke me up from my sleep." CA Cop was grinning as he told me his dream and why he had shot out of bed so quickly.

"Wow, hon, that sounds pretty intense." My eyes were wide. My hand rested over my lips. My mind searched for something to say. Is that okay? Does it mean anything that he had this dream? Is this normal?

"It was just strange that it seemed as if the gunshots are what woke me up."

.......He's still smiling........hours later.......I think he likes his new ability to run through scenarios even while he's sleeping.


  1. OMG, I think I had the same reaction reading that as you did hearing it... mainly because I didn't know it was a dream yet. Oy.

  2. I'm sure at this point it's no big deal, but keep tabs on his mental health, just in case he thinks he doesn't need to. The stress is real, and so are the effects.

  3. This is extremely normal and will continue to happen through out his career. Suz is absoulutely right about keeping tabs on his mental health. CA Cop is going to have to make sure he finds some stress releaving exercises. Things he likes to do to releave the stress. I like to play golf, go rock climbing or get massages. When these dreams start happening more frequently that is when I know I need to get out and releave some stress.

    Him talking about it with you is a really good thing too as long as it doesn't make you uneasy.

  4. I second The Officer. They will come and go, but reduce over time once there's less moisture behind the ears. The key is stress relief...and having someone to talk to (which would be you, by they by).

    I call the Wife all the time to vent. I write. I hang out with my kids. I play Call of Duty. I read voraciously. Our chosen profession is a calling...but at the end of the day, it's something we do, not who we are. Don't let the job define you. Let your family and character do that.