Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Rock

He was dispatched to a common neighborhood.  Houses lined up in tidy rows. Lawns neatly trimmed. Bay Town really has some great neighborhoods. This one was average. Your typical working class family. Most probably commuting into San Francisco each morning. The call was for a small house fire. CA Cop and his partner pulled up near the house in question and began walking on the sidewalk toward it. A car pulled into the driveway of a nearby house. A known dirtbag, parolee exited the vehicle and gazed at the police present in his neighborhood. CA cop and his partner took note of the individual and headed up the walkway where the call of distress had been made.CA Cop felt a breeze whip by his ear as he saw a big, gray rock bounce two feet in front him and then roll to a stop on the pavement of the driveway he was standing on. They looked back at the direction the rock had come from and saw no one. It had clearly come from the dirtbag's house as he is the only one with those rocks in his front yard......

When this happened CA Cop was brand new. He laughed as he told me the story. I clenched my teeth. This royally pissed me off.

I hate thinking about all the morons out there who want to hurt cops for the simple fact that they wear the uniform. Here these officers were trying to respond to a call to help someone.  They didn't need the distraction.

So he's had rocks thrown at him, been spit on, called names, lied to on a daily basis, fought with, etc. You cops have tough skin. I think it bothers me, worse than it bothers him (if it even bothers him at all).To think of the way some who don't even know him, will treat him. I know his heart. I know his purpose. His intentions are good. His intentions are to serve.... Even the citizens who throw rocks at him.

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