Thursday, May 12, 2011


We were driving in the car the other day. We were in a sketchy area of town. The conversation was casual and the kids were singing out loud to the songs playing from CA Cop's iPod. It was so cute to hear Shasta try his best to form the words quickly enough to keep up with the songs.  Wanting to share in the moment of sheer parental joy I reached out for CA Cop's hand.  When I sensed some hesitation in his response I looked down at his hand.  It was resting on his pistol. He literally looked down at the gun, back at my hand, then back at the gun as he watched himself release it. The gun remained on his thigh and he gently took my hand.

No words were exchanged. I looked up at his handsome features.

Thats right, sweetheart, just relax and hold my hand.


  1. I'm just gonna say this, and then you're going to block me from your page and say I'm a b*tch, but A)if the place is "scary" enough for your husband to feel like he needs his weapon on his lap, ya'll shouldn't even BE in an area like that - find another route and B)I'm going to hazard a guess that after he's been on the force a while, this might not happen much.

    And who was driving?

    (ok... you can hate me now... I just am jaw-droppingly confused)

  2. Meadow, you make me laugh...This blog is meant to be an open discussion. It's about my family's journey in this LEO world. If you think we are starting to sound a little crazy please don't hold your tongue, if you can completely relate to what I'm saying then tell me we are not alone.

    So to answer your questions/concerns:
    A)You're right, we should probably move. The newspapers are making that more apparent to us each day. This is where we both were born/raised and where our families live, but you know what, its not the same city anymore and the crime rate is truly skyrocketing. Our neighborhood is nice, but our grocery stores have ARMED security guards...yikes!

    B) I'm going to agree with you on this one, or at least until we live elsewhere!

    He was driving. Left hand on the wheel. Right hand on the gun. :)

  3. Armed? Groceries? Holy cow! I mean, I know that we leave a rather shelter life up here in well-paid, property-crime-ville, so sometimes I'm a bit clueless, but armed security at a grocery store is bad!!!! That said, husband does carry everywhere, including grocery stores and church :) I believe your husband will still carry, he just won't have it on his lap.

    Now get OUT of there!!!

  4. Blogger has been having some issues and all previous comments on this post have been lost. Meadow and I were having a good dialogue so I am dissappointed to no longer have them.

  5. Our "sketchy areas" are where you have to be alert while driving to avoid all of the horse manure from the Amish buggies.

  6. Came over here via MotorCop. Love the blog.

    Please thank CACop for his service and Thank You for the sacrifices you and your family have made.

  7. Slamdunk- I've visited those kind of "sketchy areas". In my heart I know I am a country girl.

    Warrior Knitter- Welcome to the blog! Thank you for your kind and supportive words.