Monday, May 9, 2011

Displaced Fear

CA Cop was completing the traffic stop. The left headlight was out and had prompted the stop on a late weekend night.

The driver checked out clean and CA Cop was just giving her a verbal warning to get the light fixed. The small child in the back seat was fussing and CA Cop tried to offer the little girl some soothing words.

The "mother" responded to his effort by explaining, "She don't like the Po-lice. She afraid of tha Po-lice."

"Why is that?" He was setting her up for it, I know.

"Her daddy and I have some do-mestic issues and the Po-lice have to come."

"Oh yeah? Like what kind?"

"Well, her daddy was choking me and I had to call ya'll."

Wait for it.......

"Sounds like she should be afraid of her daddy."

He doesn't know if he should have gone there, but he did. She was speechless. The stop ended there and the woman drove away quietly. CA Cop's partner laughed his way back to the patrol car.  I guess he was also a bit surprised at the bluntness.

I think it was right on point. Probably something the young "mother" should hear more often.


  1. OH SNAP!!
    But it's too's daddy thats destroying the family, not the cops.

  2. The difference between good guys and bad guys.

    Wouldn't it be cool if he actually got that gal to THINK about it?

  3. I was thinking the same thing as AK. Oh snap! I'm glad he said that! Maybe it will make her think. One can always hope. . .

  4. It really is amazing how uncommon common sense can be!