Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vibrating Phone

So the other night CA Cop was out slaying dragons.  I was home watching TV and eating Girl Scout Cookies after having completed my frozen Smart Ones dinner (ironic, I know). I laughed to myself that while most were enjoying an eventful Saturday night I was flopping around the quiet house in slippers and spandex.  But "his weekend" would come soon enough.  We've really gotten into the routine of his current schedule just in time for it to be changing in a couple of weeks.

The clocked ticked away until it was way past my self inflicted bed time and yet I was still up.  CA Cop called me every couple hours, a welcomed treat. He wasn't too busy and felt the need to connect with the home base and, let me say it was well received, I missed him too.

"Call me before you go to bed."

It was not a typical request from my on duty officer, but I gladly agreed.

As I felt the remote slip out of my hand and realized that I had no idea what dress the last two girls on Say Yes to the Dress had chosen, I knew I better call it a night.

I called my sweetheart and as is typical, was greeted by his voicemail after about 6 rings.

Some time later, I was still up, and he was calling.

"I was clearing a house when you called, we were called to a home invasion in progress.  My gun was drawn and then my front pocket started vibrating."

"That doesn't sound very good. How distracting was that?"

So....I think I will just stick to the typical plan.  He calls me!


  1. Yikes! And oops! Yeah, bad idea.

  2. That's when putting his phone to silent and texting instead of calling comes in handy. But, ya, maybe stick to just receiving calls :)

  3. I'm with Covering Blue. But really, his fault. He was the one who told you to call ;) Its nice to be able to be in touch with our man while he is on the job though. I agree with that.

  4. Isn't texting a wonderful thing? We do most our communication via text while he's on duty. Silly us for venturing from our typical routine! I'm glad he was still able to focus as his gun was aimed up the stairway he was climbing....