Tuesday, April 19, 2011


CA Cop was on the ground.  His commands no longer effective. They had found his weak spot, almost seemed to know what buttons to push and how to test him. It was two on one. The two individuals had energy and stamina that was completely unmatched by the efforts of CA Cop. He was growing weary as he scrambled to hold onto a leg, an arm, any limb he could come in contact with as they flailed around him.  The female began her taunts, now completely aware that she was about to get her way and break free from the officer.  She yelled NO repeatedly as she tugged and pulled.  The male made connection, a flat fist to the shoulder of CA Cop, he laughed out loud seeming to enjoy the struggle.  Athough tired CA Cop was unfazed by the blow and continued his efforts. 

But finally the struggle was growing to be too much.  He knew it was a battle that he was not going to be able to handle on his own and as of yet he still did not hear his back up coming to his aid.

With desperation clearly audible in his voice he called out one more time for help.....

I heard the sounds.....I made my way upstairs to relieve the weary officer.  The kids were each half clothed in their jammies and CA Cop looked at me with tired eyes as he held out to me one princess top and a Buzz Lightyear bottom.  The kids were no match for the shift work ridden daddy as he attempted to get them ready for bed to help his busy wife.  I kissed him on the forehead and expressed my gratitude for his well intended attempts and commented that it certainly is a good thing that felons are not ages 2 and 3.

Lord knows they do not "comply".......


  1. lol! That got me chuckling. I've witnessed similar scenes around here. Its nice to read about your family. Sounds like you not only have an officer to be proud of but a husband and father as well.