Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gear II

He sat at the kitchen table. Punching numbers into the calculator. The receipts in little organized piles all around him. A Diet Dr. Pepper completed the scene.  The kids were running around the house. I was cleaning up around them. Putting laundry away, Shasta ran a Tonka police truck up and down my back and onto the top of my head.  The siren was very loud when it went off direcly on top of my ear.  Occasionally I would make my way into the kitchen and glance at the calculator, curious to see where the total was at. And he sat. And did the math. And the minutes passed. Probably a good 30 of them.

And finally the conclusion was reached.  The last receipt took its place on what had now become a three foot stack on the kitchen table.  $6500 and some change (only one gun included in that total, the rest being all things "gear").  Thats right, folks.  The gear total for 2010 is in. A little over 10 months on the job in 2010.  I passed the numbers on to our accountant for a healthy little write off.

I am happy to report that while 2011 started off with a "bang", if you get my drift, the gear purchases have slowed significantly.  I am certain there is some UPS man out there no longer employed by this turn of events, and while I wish him well, I am grateful that he is not longer a permanent fixture on my front stoop.
So, for many reasons, I am glad that year one is behind us!  And here's to a big tax refund!


  1. If he worked for my agency, all he'd pay for is his socks, t-shirts, and underwear. Everything else would be reimbursable by the department.

    Then again, that equipment includes a heavy winter coat, gloves, and knit cap, so maybe $6500 is a small price to pay for no winters.

  2. We've lived in an area with some nasty winters before. Seeing how much CA Cop "hates working in the rain" I can't imagine how he'd do in freezing rain or heaven forbid a snow fall!