Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garbage Day

The smell from the back of his patrol car had CA Cop's eyes watering.  He had his window rolled down all the way and leaned his body to the left to allow the wind to blow against his face and up through his nostrils. 

The sun was out in Baytown. Clouds dotted the blue sky and the view was picturesque. CA Cop peered through his dark sun glasses as he drove and tried to focus amidst the distraction behind him.

The man in the back seat shook as he sat. The dry spell of a few hours had the alcoholic's body in a mild fit. His dark jeans had a large hole on the left knee and greasy goo on the upper thigh. The dirt that caked the material left some question as to whether or not the material was even jean.

As CA Cop pulled into the BART station he stopped in the unloading zone.  A BART Officer stood next to his car and watched the scene unfold. CA Cop unloaded the man and handed him a five dollar bill from his own pocket.  He offered the man some words of encouragement and then pointing toward the ticket dispensers, gave him directions and sent him on his way. Away from Baytown. The BART Officer approached CA Cop knowing exactly what had just occurred.

"Taking out the trash?" He asked.

"Yep." CA Cop smiled as he lowered his body back into his car.


  1. We've done this a few times and had others do it to us. A lot of our have bit us in the backsides.

  2. They just get right back on that BART train and ride it around for a few hours of shut eye and ~ whoops ~ get right back off in Baytown. ;) lol.