Thursday, March 24, 2011


He swung his legs back and forth as they dangled off the bench in the waiting area of Baytown PD.  His white shoes were more of a brown-grey and one of the Velcro latches on his left foot was unlatched and had a build up of blue fuzz.  The woman sat next to the boy, he was barely out of toddlerhood.  She didn't say much to him, just occasionally told him to stop kicking his legs when his feet would make contact with the foot of the bench and make a loud noise.

They sat.

And waited.

The minutes on the clock changed and before long the hours began to tick away as well.

They sat.

And waited.

CA Cop would look out at the boy when he came back from a call to see if he was still there. The admin staff offered the pair water, but they declined. 

Finally the woman had enough. She gathered up her purse and a bag of the boys belongings and told him they were through waiting and it was time to head home. 

Baytown PD is where her and the child's father have made arrangements to handle their visitation pick ups and drop offs. Their separation was far less than amicable and only a strong police presence could ensure that the two would act civilly at their brief meetings to hand over the child.

As the boy slid off the bench he let out a disappointed sigh.  His dad had failed to show. Again. The child's head sunk into his shoulders and he kicked the ground with the front of his shoe.

"Aw man....I thought I was gonna get to see my dad today...."

The shiny police badge stickers and bright Baytown PD pencils were no consolation for the boys wish to simply see his "father".

CA Cop was silent as he watched them exit the doors of the department, the boys words ringing in his head.

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