Monday, March 28, 2011

A Cop Wife and Her Phone

When CA Cop is working.....

My phone is always charged.

It is always in the same room that I'm in.  If the pants I'm wearing don't have a back pocket, my phone is in my hand.

I feel anxiety if I leave my phone.....even if it is just down the stairs.

If my phone must be put on silent, I check it every five minutes.

If I'm talking to you on the phone and he calls, sorry, but I will do my best to end our call. I just don't know when I will hear from him again.........Or what he might need to say.......


  1. totally understandable!wonder how they did it back before cell phones were around?

  2. 1. Does your husband's department have an EAP program open to spouses? It might be good to talk through this issue with a counselor.

    2. Do you and you husband have a plan for what should happen when he is injured and the knock comes to your door?

  3. I don't really worry much if DH calls . .If he can make a call he is alive, and that is nothing to get too giddy about most days :)

    However, if he has not called when I think he should have called, yeah then I am a mess!

  4. RD and Yellow- It is not so much that I "worry" if CA Cop doesn't call or that I am anticipating something awful to happen. It is more just the need to connect and never knowing when or if that is going to happen that day. I want to make sure I am available if he gets that break in calls, etc to be able to call me. We are "that" couple that used to call each other practically the second one of us pulled out of the driveway. We talk. A lot. And adjusting to not talking as much has been....well difficult. So I carry my phone around like a lost puppy and hope that he checks in.

  5. Ah, I see you are not worried for him, but rather, you want to maintain your close connection to your husband.