Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Ticket

It was a slow night for Bay Town.

The tail light was out so he figured why not and flipped on the red and blue lights.

He noticed a head bobbing around in the back seat as the car begin to slow and pull to the right. The little face turned to look at the flashing lights as the little girl gripped the headrest of the back seat.  She squinted as they shone in her eyes.

CA Cop approached the vehicle as he felt his face start to get hot at the sight of the toddler standing up in the backseat looking up at him.  She had bare feet and a dirty face but her big eyes, and enormous smile helped him keep his cool as he began his conversation with the "mother".

She was quick to inform him that she did in fact have a car seat, it was just in the trunk.

He jotted out the necessary information on the citation which would carry at least a $400 fine. He pressed hard as he wrote, the frustration brewing at the disregard for the child's safety as this woman was heading clear across Baytown and well into the next city over all the while the child's safety seat lay in the trunk. 

As he handed her the cite she commented, "I guess, I better get the car seat out of the trunk, I don't want another police officer to pull me over and give me a ticket."

That was the final straw.  He let it fly, "How about you get the car seat out of the trunk to protect your child from flying through the windshield and cracking her skull on the pavement." There may have been a few additional descriptive words inserted in the statement.

He called me shortly after and informed me of his desire to "punch the woman in the face."

I'm glad you restrained yourself honey, although I think she needed a little sense knocked into her.

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  1. Pfft! To people like that, children are accessories. If the little one were to die, mom could be the center of attention at a lovely funeral. I hope CAcop wrote her for everything he could dream up.