Wednesday, February 2, 2011

While You Were Freezing....

CA Cop and I have been very busy on his days off this week. Yard work. And lots of it. Adorned in T shirts, shorts, and gloves we took to the jungle. We've lived in our home for less than a year and this was the first time we've had to really start making some progress on the vision we have for our yard. I love being outdoors and miss the days when we had acreage to tend to. Shasta was in heaven the whole time, "helping" in any way his little two year old arms and legs would allow him.

We have an abundance of snow shovels. As I looked at our supply leaning up against the house, I thought to myself, "That's not something you see in CA everyday." You see, the last winter that we lived out of state was a doozy. I'm talking 8 feet of snow in a 30 day period. And you couldn't find a snow shovel within a 100 mile radius. Every store was sold out. EVERY STORE. So there I was, 3 weeks post partum, shoveling my driveway with a broken shovel so that I could get my 18 month old and my newborn to their Dr's appointments while CA Cop was off working. Six snow shovels later and a snow blower he saw to it that I never had that problem again.

So now that we've moved to a non-snowy area we have this ample supply. They sit in our yard bleaching in the California sun. We have actually found that these are very useful tools. Let me demonstrate:

-They work great as a dust pan.
-Shoveling leaves into a bag was never easier or quicker.
-Shoveling unwanted rocks
-Scraping mud off walkways
-Scooping a pile of freshly picked weeds

In conclusion, I'd like to recommend that every fair weather state stock some snow shovels at their local Home Depot.

I guess we'll have to brace for some more 70 degree weather heading our way. Looking out my window at the blue sky and green grass in January I can't help but smile. If you can just imagine away the bad politics, horrendous taxes, encroachments on freedoms, high crime, terrible traffic, and pitiful schools CA really is not all that bad. I'll wear the "CA Girl" stamp with pride in the meantime....

Bundle up out there!

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