Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The other day I heard from CA Cop that there was a happening in Bay Town.  So what do I do? Set the evening news to record, of course.  Not because I care to hear all the details rehashed, but rather because it is fun to try to catch a glimpse of CA Cop on the nightly news.  The kids think its great when they see him.

So as I waited patiently for the clock to strike 10pm so that the news would finally begin, I had to laugh to myself and at myself. I strained my eyes as I scanned over each uniform looking for one moving around with that particular swagger that only CA Cop has. I rewinded a few times and deleted the recording. Not tonight. My movie star avoided the paparazzi.

So, does anyone else do this?


  1. Only saw him once when he was patrol. In detectives he's usually in a background scene somewhere. Caught him twice on SWAT, but just briefly.

    Beats lookin' for the other kind of "movie stars". Yuck. They suck.

  2. If I know he is working whatever happened etc then yep I will watch the news to see if he makes it on there.

  3. Yes, I definitely do that. Been know to record it so dh can see how silly he looks on tv. We always have a good laugh.