Friday, February 4, 2011

Squash the Litterbug

CA Cop asked her to step out of her vehicle. The unlicensed driver laid on the attitude real thick as she let him know he was racist for pulling her over for a broken tail light. She was more manly than CA Cop and her biceps were measurably larger.

As he searched the vehicle  he found a pill bottle with some weed stuffed inside.  Now this is California folks, and weed out here "ain't no thang". He handed her the bottle and told her she needed to dump the weed and stamp it out.

Well she did. And then she threw the bottle. Her arm was decent so the bottle flew with speed down the grass embankment leading up to the freeway on ramp that they were standing on.

CA Cop smiled as he gave her a couple options:

A.) She could take a merry little hike down the embankment and locate the pill bottle or
B.) She could enjoy paying her few hundred dollar littering fine after he wrote her a citation.

He leaned, casually against his patrol car as she searched through the grass for the bottle. The bottoms of her shoes caked with mud as she waded through the marsh-like area, trying to avoid the puddles, and trying to keep the mud from suctioning her shoes off.

People tossing garbage out their car window or on the ground is something CA Cop has little tolerance for. I despise it as well.

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