Thursday, December 2, 2010


As an officer's wife.....

When a cop is on the same road as I am, I no longer slam on my breaks and glance down at the speedometer. To me, cops aren't just "ticket writers" anymore. I assume the officer is probably on his way to alleviate a stressful situation.  To protect an innocent victim.  To remove a damaging soul from endangering society any longer. In my heart, I always say a prayer for his safety, for his courage, for his family. I think about his wife, his children, waiting at home as they do each night for their hero to return, battered and tired.  I alert my kids who desperately stretch their bodies in their little car seats to catch a glimpse of the hero driving by. Shasta yells "Dada" and Sierra frantically waives, complaining if they don't notice her and waive back.

I even say out loud sometimes, "be safe, be strong."

I always respected police officers, but now I deeply respect them.  I see what you all do, and yes it is a path that you chose, but it is also one that not many would choose because of what you are faced with. You are warriors.

Just know, for what it's worth, you all have a fan.

....And I'm raising two more.


  1. "... frantically waves..."

    What a picture. It tugs the heartstrings and brings tears to my eyes. My kiddos were "big kids" by the time dad left the Marine Corps and became a police officer. I didn't get those times. Enjoy them, they are so much more precious than you know. (even though you THINK you know, when those babies are having babies of their own, you can be bowled over by the strength of these memories)

    Peace to you

  2. I had the same exact experience shortly after HF started patrol. I no longer feel the fear I felt when seeing the lights on the roof of the car, but wonder if I know them. I also pray for their safety. Great post!