Saturday, December 11, 2010

CA Cop, inside out

So Mrs Fuzz posted here recently all about Hot Fuzz and what he's like beyond the badge.  Things that are very "uncop like". I enjoyed reading it and thought I would follow suit and give you all the low down on CA Cop.

So CA Cop in a nutshell... where do I begin?!

He's a former baseball star.  Quite the skilled shortstop and pitcher.  Jr Olympics, League World Series champ, collegiate pitcher.  Those were the glory days. Such a stud.  He loves to coach.  He has coached at the JV and Varsity High School levels and has been invited to coach Junior College, but frankly doesn't have the time anymore.  He'll play softball occasionally, but he found even that difficult to really commit to these days.

He has his bachelors degree in sociology. He was originally thinking he might become a teacher seeing as how he loved to coach and works really well with the youth.  I have a suspicion that he'll get assigned as an SRO for a period of time.

When we first were dating I was shocked to see his closet.  Not only were his shoes perfectly lined up, but all of his clothes were hung up and facing the same direction.  He informed me that he always knew when his brother "borrowed" a shirt because it would be hung up differently. LOL.  Some of that OCD left him for a short time after we wed, but has since returned.

He loves shoes and jackets. I think he gets at least one new jacket every year.  He has so many ties, I don't think it would be possible to count them.

He can build you a house, but never a car. He went from a carpenter building scaffolding up the sides of tall sky scrapers and bridges in San Francisco and San Jose to becoming a general contractor running his own business doing custom remodelling for beautiful homes. He has made a couple homes we've purchased stunning; however, we pay to have our oil changed and panic if the check engine light appears.  Let's just say cars aren't his strong point.

He is a total family man and most of the time would rather be with us than his buddies. His little girl is treated like a princess and his son gets hugs and kisses.  I love watching him with the kids.  On his days off Sierra insists that he is the one to put her to bed.  He propels her into sweet dreams with stories of little animal adventures or lately, Santa Clause.  He sings her "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" every night.  Shasta is loved by his dad in a way that makes me melt.  He has no qualms about giving his son affection.  Of course he makes sure to tackle him every so often as well.

He listened to so much rap music in high school and junior college.  I'm talking big speakers in the trunk of your lowered Honda kinda rap.  HA HA HA!

He is a hunter.  He LOVES hunting.  Get the man into the woods with a tree stand and a gun and you won't see him for days. That was a very frequent hobby when we lived in a different state for a few years.  Its harder to exercise that passion in the bay area.  So he concludes that now he mostly just "hunts people."

This same guy who listened to the rap music wore a straw hat and drove a tractor when we lived in the other state.  We bought a house with 10 acres and I learned things about CA Cop that I never knew! We bought an old Ford truck which he promptly named "Billy Bob" and filled our barn with farm animals and chickens that we gave names to.  I loved watching the city boy turn country.  I always knew I had it in me, but was pleased to see him bucking hay, with a grin, right beside me.

He's my sweetheart. Slow to anger (unless he accidentally bumps his head or hurts himself, lol). Real easy to get along with and very observant.  He's a great father, a good son to his parents, and an excellent husband, besides all the detac he tries to test on me.

He's all these things..... Oh yeah, he also happens to be a cop.

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