Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pig Tails and Heartache

A little girl bounced into the police station with her mom in tow. CA Cop sat across the table from the pair as he asked her to retell her version of the events that had transpired at the apartment complex where she lives.  Big brown eyes looked up at him as she relayed the information of her sexual assault by some boys, children as well, just a few years older than she was and involving a weapon.

He called me prior to meeting with the "suspects". Asked how the kids were and carried on with his job. I felt it in my heart that day.  Thinking about the details that he was hearing. The pain that he was viewing first hand. A child. A baby girl, we have a baby girl. Also, to think about the little boys that victimized her.  What were their examples? Where were all these kids’ parents at? This was no game of doctor from the account she gave.

After more information came in, new details were learned and things were put together, "Babe, she did it readily and willingly, made them the offer, and not just with these boys, several others as well."

"I don't know which scenario is more disturbing?"

CA Cop shook his head, looked up at me and said, "You know what the crazy thing was, she had her hair in pigtails. You know, with matching beads."

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  1. Very sad.

    While the Mrs. was pursuing her degree she worked closely with an agency that assisted police with child sex abuse cases. Talking with the victims, authorities, and parents was life-changing for her.