Friday, November 12, 2010

How did we get here?

Some of you wives married a cop, or a soldier, or a cadet, but mine was none of those.  I have to tell you that I honestly never pictured or planned for this, but I'm grateful for the path he has chosen.  I think it’s honorable. And quite frankly, he's good at it too.  CA Cop graduated 2nd in his class at the academy and was released from FTO an entire week early which I think is pretty unprecedented. His coworkers have said he's a natural.  His sergeant uttered the term "rising star".  But still, I had no clue he'd be bleeding blue.

Sure he had gone on a ride along in high school, and mentioned to me once in casual conversation "you know what I'd love to do? Be a cop".  I just never realized it was more than a casual desire, it was a yearning. So here we are today. 

We were so called entrepreneurs prior to our LEO life. Rental properties by the scads, investments, small businesses.  A different life. We have a daughter, 3 (Sierra), and a son, 2 (Shasta).  I stay home with them, which is my passion. When CA Cop decided to really pursue a career in Law Enforcement because "if he didn't do it now, he might regret it forever", we started to put properties on the market and hold our breath.  The hiring for police officers in the bay area is tough right now.  Real tough.  They are laying officers off left and right.  One local city announced they were to hire 3 officers and they instantly received over 1100 applications.  The competition is fierce.

He put himself through the academy on a prayer that he'd get picked up by a department. He got two offers.

So here we are.
It's where he belongs. 

It's where we belong, and I'm grateful.


  1. That's awesome; hope your hubby is having a blast!

  2. Welcome to the world of all things blue! Funny how life just happens and then you're married to a cop, huh? My husband was in school to be a doctor when we met. By his senior year he decided that wasn't for him and in our first year of marraige he went to the academy. Wow. Talk about your polar opposites :o) I'm just so thankful he loves his job.

    I'm Jenney from Ohio. Nice to meet you!

  3. Hey CA:
    I've seen you on my blog...that's basically what my story is all's been years now and I am still adjusting!
    The big difference is that he is still juggling a small business on his days's a hectic life, but somehow we manage.
    Take Care and Breathe!
    XO SCW Stella