Thursday, September 8, 2011

Even in the Bay Area

He had just sat down to eat. Finally. It was busy. The calls seemed endless and tedious on this particular day shift. Dispatch rang out in his ear.  The sounds of the radio echoing around his ear drums. His beat.

CA Cop swallowed some water as he responded. The dispatcher sounded annoyed, he could hear it in her voice.

"Caller claims there are three suspicious juveniles in her neighborhood, yet she cannot articulate anything about them or their actions that is suspicious."

He hopped in the patrol car and headed up the hill to the ritzy neighborhood.  It didn't take him long to spot the three black males. They were young, laughing as they took their skateboards up and down the hill in the sunshine of the early afternoon.

CA Cop rolled his eyes as he exited the yuppie neighborhood, lined with suburbans and newer model sedans.  He headed back to his lunch.  There was no way he was going to bother those kids. They were good kids. 

Just apparently the wrong color for the neighborhood........

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