Monday, January 30, 2012

Analyzing My Cop

Comedic:  When CA Cop's partner shows up to back him up on a domestic call and the greasy pot head exclaims "Oh great that's all this world needs- more cops!"

Exhausting:  When CA Cop's department schedules 30 hours of class during his 3 days off- twice in one month.  Overtime pay is nice, but so is sleep.

Frustrating: When the young woman was beaten so badly during the rape that she is unconscious and the hospital refuses to do a rape kit without her consent.

Haunting: The bloated, decomposing face of the suicide victim, mouth open, left arm sticking straight up into the air.

Enraging: When CA Cop assisted the nine year old girl out  from the back passenger seat of the SUV her plastered mother was driving around town.  The mother so drunk that vomit stuck in her stringy blond hair and dripped onto her jeans as she swerved through the city streets.

Empowering: CA Cop hearing the sound of his cuffs clicking tightly on the wrists of one of the home burglary suspects, the thug's elbows raw and bleeding from the pavement they just encountered during the struggle.

Creating this list puts things into perspective for me as a Cop's wife. I know my job description better when I can sit back and analyze his.
I think that our home needs to be a place where he can find warmth, joy in his children, and some feet up relaxation time.  I will do my best with this in mind because I can only imagine what he carries on his mind.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snapshots of A Cop's Wife's Life III

We went ahead and paid for some additional home security.  So far, worth every penny.....