Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Vacation

Summertime so far......

Sand, Suntans, Swimming, Sandcastles, Snow cones. Salt water, Skating, Slip n slides.

Boating, Beaches, Boardwalk, Body surfing, Biking

Swimming in fresh water lakes, Wading in fast running Creek, Diving in chlorinated pools, Riding waves in salty ocean with dolphins nearby.

Parks, Parties, Planting, Parades, Practice Soccer, picnic lunches, pedicures.

Fireworks, Fire roasting, Fresh air, fresh fish, Floaties, FAMILY TIME, FAMILY MEMORIES.

CA Cop was able to have a bit of time off and we spent almost ever second of it as a family.

That being said I am back in the saddle with blogging.......

Thursday, July 14, 2011


In my morning news perusal my jaw just about knocked the keys on my laptop when I came across this story.  I have copied it below for your convenience:

D.C. Firefighters To Help Police Streets?

Both D.C. firefighters and police officers are upset over a new program that forces the fire department to help fight crime.
For the past three weeks, D.C. Fire and EMS personnel have been parking their trucks at high crime neighborhoods.
"It's to prevent things from bubbling up.  The idea is that if you have a fire engine with adults there no one is going to commit a crime," said D.C. Deputy Mayor Paul Quander.
City officials said they just want firefighters to call 911 if they see suspicious activity.
The D.C. police union and firefighters union say the plan is not safe.
"I think it is a disaster," said D.C. Police Union spokesman Kris Baumann.  "You're putting untrained, unsupervised, unequipped firefighters in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town to perform a law enforcement function."
Right now, the plan is to keep the policy in place at least through next spring.

-So what's your opinion? Is this a great way to help balance a cash strapped budget? Or a budget buster waiting to happen when the FD inevitably sues the city?